Cut Your Notebooks in Half with a Bandsaw

From Shoebox Shoppers

Here’s a way to double your notebook stash!

Clip the wire first and then cuts the paper with a band saw. They then fit perfectly in a GO boxes — like inexpensive steno pads! You can also cut composition books as well.   Neatness counts!

We pack entire notebooks (yes they do fit by curving them) – but this is a good idea if you want to multiply your resources!

Thank you Shoebox Shoppers


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2 Responses to You Can Cut Your Notebooks?

  1. Anita Andrews says:

    I love clipwithpurpose, this is the only idea I don’t like. These children don’t have anything, they deserve a whole notebook. This is the only paper they will get. It’s like giving them half a pencil.

  2. Mark says:

    Although I don’t cut notebooks in half, personally I think this is fine. A half-size notebook is still useful for taking notes in class, drawing, writing letters, etc. I don’t usually pack notebooks at all because they take up so much room, but this is a way to make them fit in the box better, so that there’s more room for other things.

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