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Starting THIS SUNDAY, July 7 – July 13:

Cap Erasers, Index Cards and Bic Pens are all just 1 Cent….WITH A $5 PURCHASE…and the limit is 2 each.

This is not my favorite, and I wish it would go back to a few years ago when we could just get the deals without a “requirement”.

So to make up the rest of the $5, CHECK OUT THE FLYER FOR NEXT WEEK—here are a few ideas:

A ream of Staples Multipurpose Paper: Pay $6.99, get $6.98 back in (NOT a rebate) but Staples Rewards.

Westcott 5″ Scissors are 2 for $1.

Plastic pencil cases $1.

(Each $1 and $2 items in the flyer have a limit of 2.)

There is a also a 20% off COUPON for any 1 item in the store—but expires on the FIRST DAY OF THE SALE July 7th!!!  It says “some exclusions” but doesn’t say what they are.  I wonder if you can use it on some of these good deals.


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10 Responses to Staples Penny Sales Have Started!

  1. Kyla Gurganus says:

    Coupon’s exceptions: “Cannot be combined with any other coupons. Limit one per customer. Discount applies to highest-price item. Not valid on Back to School Savings Pass, Ink and Toner Savings Pass, desktop or laptop computers, tablets, netbooks, Apple products, Bose products, Epson ink and toner, Amazon Kingle, NOOK, custom printing orders placed online, gift cards, mobile phones and mobile phone services, Staples EasyTech professional-grade and on-site services, depot repair and parts, phone cards or postage stamps.” {I’ll be using my coupon to get some HP ink I need and getting the penny items.}

  2. Cat says:

    Also not my favorite. I especially do not appreciate a limit of 2. But the penny sales and the free ream of paper are tempting…

  3. Kailyn Browning says:

    I’ve found that the office supply stores are usually pretty lenient on the penny deal purchase limits if you explain why you are buying the items. Office Depot always lets us have the teacher limits on items, which is usually 30.

  4. Kimber says:

    To those of you who have been “shoebox-ing” for a while … is 50 cents a good price for scissors?

  5. Susan W says:

    Do you know who has .25 crayola crayons or a good deal on marker? Does Toys R us still have then on sale? We don’t have a Toys R us any more, but I forgot about the price match and was going to try to get some at Wal-mart. The Office Max in Grand Junction, wouldn’t let me get the penny pencils, because I didn’t have the 5.00 purchases, because after I got to the check out they told me, there was a limit of 5 spiral note books and they were sold out of everything else I wanted to get. It was b bummer. But I have found other deals and still looking.

  6. Susan W says:

    At K-mart I found soccer ball kits on clearance for $5.00, they include a # 4 ball already deflated, a pump, small chin guards and a bag. I took all they had here in Grand Junction, CO. Which was only 3 but it was a great deal. I just had to share, in case anyone else wants to check out their K-mart.

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