I already mentioned that price-matching can be a great time saver when you shopping year round for Operation Christmas Child. But, there’s another way to take advantage of sales: pre-ordering!

If you know that a store is having a great deal on something you need, like soap, ask the manager to order in a large quantity for you. Kroger is pretty notorious for doing this for their customers, but other stores will do it as well. You just have to ask (nicely). If you plan on using numerous coupons along with the sale price, make sure it is okay with manager first. Lots of stores have limits on how many of the same type of coupon you can use per transaction. But, the manager may be willing to make an exception for you if you explain your cause. I think it’s a great idea to mention that you want the items for Operation Christmas Child; it usually makes the managers more willing to work with you if they know you’re not a hoarder. (Especially with the recent extreme couponing craze.)

One other thing to remember: you want to make sure your order will come in before the sale ends. If it won’t, ask if the manager will still honor the sale price. It’s definitely a bummer to order 100 bars of soap and then find out you are expected to pay full price because they arrived the day after the sale price ended!

Here’s an example:

  • Let’s say Kroger has Ivory Soap for $1
  • You want 100 bars, so you ask the manager to order it for you. You make sure the manager’s okay with using 100 coupons in one transaction at the same time as you place the order.
  • You also collect or order 100 Ivory Soap coupons
  • Your soap arrives and you go pick it up at customer service. Bring your coupons and cash with you at this time!
You can absolutely pre-order items even when you don’t want to use coupons, but just want a large quantity. If you do ever want to order a large number of coupons, check out my list of recommended coupon clipping services.
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One Response to Place Special Orders for Large Quantities

  1. Tee says:

    Washclothes, I watch for Targets sale or Kohl’s clearance. Their washclothes are much thicker than Walmart or Dollar Tree. Don’t know of any toothpaste or soap websites.

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