Here is a general, generic checklist that you may find helpful.  Go HERE to view and print it.  If you’re not already using a checklist, hopefully this one will help you keep track of what you’re buying for your Operation Christmas Child shoebox(es) so you can monitor your progress throughout the year.  When you’re buying items year round, it is easy to forget what you have 🙂  You don’t want to be scrambling to buy things right before collection week and paying top dollar when you do!


There are few blank slots at the end of the checklist to add other items that you may want to include in your boxes.  Definitely don’t feel like you need to include everything on the list in every shoebox.  Cross out whatever you don’t plan on buying.

Here’s how I use the checklist:  I fill in the number of items I desire to buy in the left hand column.  Then, as I buy the items, I tally them up in the right hand column.  Once I’ve got as many as I wanted, I check it off the list 🙂

Of course, as several of you know, you can plan as much as you want, but God will ultimately decide how many shoeboxes you end up packing.  God often provides more than you ever thought possible and multiplies your best laid plans beyond whatever you imagined!

With all of your “extras” you can donate them to your local charities, such as the Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, Angel Tree, homeless shelters, veterans groups, battered women’s shelters, etc.  They will be so grateful for any and all help!

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5 Responses to Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Checklist

  1. Landi says:

    I was just wondering, with Easter coming up soon, do they do any shoeboxes for Easter or any other holidays besides Christmas?

    • Jessica says:

      Shoeboxes are distributed throughout the year. However, the major push for collection in mid-November. You can, however, make an Easter-themed box if you like. And, year-round the Boone headquarters accepts boxes if you don’t want to wait to drop off in November. Operation Christmas Child
      Samaritan’s Purse
      P.O. Box 3000
      801 Bamboo Road
      Boone, NC 28607

  2. Pam Suter says:

    Awesome! Thanks for posting! I will have to print this out sometime. I have already done my inventory and check list. I started with an inventory of what God provided, and then made a detailed check list for each and every shoe box we are packing. God does provide more than we ever thought possible and multiplies our best laid plans beyond all we have ever imagined! Our minds are finite, but God is infinite and there is no limit to what He can do. His plans are much better than our plans. We started off with 11 shoe boxes for this year, which God is continuing to multiply and increase. We are now at 15. Praising, thanking, and trusting God for it all.

  3. Deborah says:

    I keep a spread sheet of what we have. I add what folks bring. My Sunday School class makes boxes each year. I have room to store the things so they bring them to me and I log it on the spread sheet, I print the list after we have several additions so folks know what we have. We planned for between 50 and 60 boxes last year and God had other plans. We packed around 150. God is good. We work on ot all year. We have a packing party each year.

  4. Deborah says:

    I love the list. I am always looking for more ideas. This is great Thanks

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