Children LOVE to get a photo and a letter in their Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts.  It is the personal connection that makes the gift much more special.

I’ve often included my address – but the McCarty Family included their email address.  AND they received an email back!


Danielle is the Area Coordinator for Suffolk County, NY


I’m Gerlad Barola Jr.,  10 years old, a Grade Five pupil of Donsol East Central School, Donsol, Sorsogon, Philippines.   The Whaleshark capital of the world.   I just received the gift you sent to us.   Thank you very much.   I am very happy and amazed of the items inside the box, especially the soccer ball.   I really love playing soccer, and I’m pretty much sure to use this coming summer.   Thank you very much.   Can I here from you also soon.   And may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your family always.   Lots of Love.

This was so exciting to get – not only because it was wonderful to hear from the child who received their gift – but The McCarty family packs a soccer ball into each and every one of their shoebox gifts.  So it was an extra special encouragement to see that this child loves soccer!

Many times a child can’t afford a stamp, or they are hours away from the nearest roads without any postal service at all -

yet a local person might have internet, or they might wait until a visitor has a smart phone – and they can write an email.

Have you included your email address on your letter?

You don’t even have to use your main email – you could start a special email just for your shoebox correspondence over at Yahoo!

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2 Responses to Including a Letter – Add Your Email Address!

  1. Anne Lambert says:

    Sounds like a good idea. I once had a teacher that wrote ma and gave me her email.

  2. Gina H. says:

    Just a few weeks ago the mother of a little girl in the Philippines, who received my shoebox, found me on facebook. I had included a letter & picture in my box. I was surprised & very happy to hear from her. She sent pics of her daughter with the shoebox. It was great!

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