This Saturday, March 8, is “Bring Your Own Friends Day” at Ikeas around the country.  RSVP – and register – redeem your coupon for a FREE Ikea Blue tote bag! 

Ikea blue bag

With your Ikea Family card there is free coffee, at my location there is free breakfast and a BOGO dessert deal at lunch, plus contests and other discounts.  These extra deals are a great reward for your family since you are dragging them along so that each get a free tote, lol – all for your Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes!


Check out the area right outside the restaurant – often that is where the discounted clearance items are kept – PLUS the area right around the registers by the marketplace!

I also love those measuring tapes in the showroom!  We asked the manager who donated over 1000 to use last year for our sewing kits.  You can see what we did with them HERE, and what our friends did HERE.

Thanks Mark for this scoop! I nearly missed it this year :)

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4 Responses to IKEA – FREE Blue Tote Bag and More This Saturday, March 8

  1. Mark says:

    While you’re in the store, be sure to look around for clearance items and unannounced specials. Ikea sells all kinds of things that would be suitable to put in a shoe box, or things you might use yourself, like storage containers or sewing supplies.

  2. Lenora says:

    We are creating sewing kits for shoeboxes this year so I contacted our local IKEA to see if they’d donate the measuring tapes and they said they were doing local donations only. I guess when I said the boxes would be going to foreign countries, that is what triggered the negative reply.

    If you have any other ideas, please let me know. Thanks!

    This website is wonderful…

    • Mary says:

      Did they understand that you were only looking for a small donation of those measuring tapes? Sometimes people stop thinking clearly when they hear “donation” when all you were looking at were those tapes. I would try again, but stress that YOU are a local organization, mention your church or your local group that you belong to—where YOU live and how YOU shop at Ikea. That is what we did. We did not ask for a donation to Operation Christmas Child. Sometimes, even though you say it, they don’t hear it if it is at the END of your conversation. We LEAD with it. — I wrote up a letter that says that we pack at a local church and that many local community and church groups participate (scouts, youth groups, senior groups, etc.), so that although the organization is international, our participation is on the local scale. Hope that helps.

      • Mark says:

        At the store near me, the measuring tapes are free for the taking (intended to help people measure furnishings in the store) and aren’t available for purchase. You could specifically ask about obtaining a supply of them in the way Mary suggested, without even mentioning the word “donate.”

        A general hint: if possible, deal with a manager rather than someone at a lower level. In my experience they usually have a bigger perspective and the authority to act on it, and it’s both easier and better public relations for them to be generous with small things. Lower-level employees can be reluctant to do anything out of the ordinary.

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