As promised, here’s little tutorial on how you can start earning more SwagBucks!  If you’re not already familiar with Swagbucks, it is a search engine (like Google or Yahoo) that allows you to earn rewards just for searching the web.  It’s completely free, and a great way to earn free prizes or giftcards.  My favorite reward in the $5 Amazon Gift Card, which you can get with just 450 SwagBucks!

There has become a huge increase in the ways you can earn SwagBucks recently.  Merely searching the web is not the only way to get points!  I thought I’d do a little tutorial for you on how to earn more points.  That way, you can earn more gift cards and get more stuff for Operation Christmas Child!!

  • Install the ToolBar! This is, by far, the easiest way to earn SwagBucks.  It really makes it effortless.  After you sign up for SwagBucks, install the toolbar.  Then, you can search the web anytime without having to open up a new webpage.  Just enter your search term into the toolbar!  Easy!  You’ll randomly earn points just for searching the web.  Plus, you earn 1 point every day for just having the toolbar.  Also, you can check the toolbar periodically to see if there are any free Swag Codes on Twitter, Facebook, or the Swagbucks blog.  I usually earn about 7 Swagbucks every day just through getting codes through the toolbar.
  • Follow the SwagBucks Blog Okay, I admit, I’m bad about this.  But, there are frequently codes released in blog posts that you can enter on the SwagBucks homepage to earn more points.
  • Answer the Daily Poll Question There’s a new question everyday on the SwagBucks Home Page.  Just click your response and you’ll earn 1 point.
  • Print Your Coupons Through SwagBucks You can print coupons through the SwagBucks Coupon Page.  You’ll earn 10 points for every coupon you print and redeem!  Yay!
  • “Watch” SwagBucks TV If you’ll be on your computer anyway, open up a separate browser window and play SwagBucks TV. You’ll earn 3 points for every 10 videos you watch, up to 75 points per day.  You have to click after each video plays, so periodically check the TV page to start the next video.  Caution which videos you choose, as not all are very family friendly.
  • Purchase Groupons Through SwagBucks If you’re planning on making a Groupon purchase anyway, buy it through SwagBucks and earn up to 300 points for your purchase!  Depending on how many points they are offering for the Groupon, I will purchase mine through SwagBucks or Ebates.  Ebates give 3% cashback on Groupon purchases.
  • Follow SwagBucks on Facebook and/or Twitter SwagBucks updates their social media pages often to let you know if they’ve released any special codes you can enter on the homepage for points.

There are more ways to earn SwagBucks, such as completing surveys and trading in used cell phones, but the ones I listed above are the easiest (I think).  Do you have any other great tips?


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  1. Karen says:

    Also, click through the NOSO for 2 SB’s a day, and click on Trusted Surveys to earn 1, even without taking any surveys. They newly added “Invite and Earn” where you can earn 1 SB/day simply for inviting Facebook friends who are not currently SB memebers.

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