Well, I promised to show you how easy it is to make these cute felt bows, so here’s a quick tutorial.  I’m willing to bet you fall in love with how easy and fast they are to make.  A great way to add color and fun to a girl’s shoe box gift!


Scissors or rotary cutter
Hot glue gun or needle and thread


  1. Cut three strips of felt in the following sizes: 6″x1″, 4″x1″, and 1/2″x2″  (You’ll probably notice my felt isn’t cut extremely even or exact, and that’s okay because this project is very forgiving.  Yet another reason to love it!  Just eyeball it and give try to get straight cuts.)
  2. Take the 6 inch piece of felt and find the center.  Fold the two ends into the center and glue in place or tack with a few stitches.
  3. Next, use your fingers to pinch this same piece of felt in the center and glue or tack in position with a quick stitch.  I used glue because it’s fast, but your do have to be careful with it.  It can leave unsightly strings or drops if you’re not cautious.
  4. Next adhere this bow to the 4″ piece of felt.  Try to center it.  Then cut around the bow on the top and bottom.  Don’t worry about being real even with your cuts.  You basically just want the back felt above and below the main bow to disappear.  No one will ever know if your cuts are perfect.  Then, cut out triangles on the end to make it look like a ribbon.  These do need to be pretty accurate, so take your time with these.  See pictures below, as I’m horrible at describing this step.  

    back side...see, not so even

  5. Finally, tack of glue the small strip of felt around the center to complete the bow.  The bow can easily be attached to a barrette, bobby pin, or hair tie. By the way, if you’re a blogger, get your kid’s crafts ready to go!  Starting next Monday, I’ll be holding a weekly link up for crafts that are made for kids!
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