After Easter sales are a great time to pick up plastic Easter Eggs at a great discount.  If you wait long enough they will be just a penny or 2 each.  They can be so useful!  I’ve made them into a bunch of fun things – including as a container for a little Easter Egg Sewing Kit!  These would fit so nicely inside your Operation Christmas Child shoebox and not take up much room at all! (thanks to Rilla for the idea!)

Easter Egg

Just add some or all of these items: thread, a few needles (I put mine in felt to keep them nice and neat), buttons, measuring tape, tiny scissors, elastic, safety pins, seam ripper,  etc.  You may want to put some larger pieces of fabric in your box as well.  (Or here is small complete sewing set)

Easter Egg Sewing Kits

I would close the egg with a bit of tape to keep it from opening accidentally – and even label the outside “SEWING KIT”.

The eggs can also be a great way to package small toys, beads, or other small items (you may even want to try making them into cute bunnies first!)  You can always check out my PINTEREST Board – Eggcellent Ways to Use Easter Eggs!

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2 Responses to Easter Egg Sewing Kits

  1. Ramona Pardue says:

    This is a very cool idea. I’m going to do this!

  2. Ruby says:

    Love this idea. Will try it!

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