Big Lots April

BIG LOTS 90% off Clearance -

Infant Apparel (sizes to 3/4T) 90% off – I found these cute t-shirts for 50 cents!
Handbags and Luggage (cute totes) 90% off.
Scrapbooking items (lots of cardstock you can use for bookmarks or padmaking!) 90% off

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2 Responses to Big Lots 90% off Clearance

  1. Debby says:

    Just call your local Big Lots first. I called mine…they had no baby cloths…they referred me to another store about 20 miles away…I called first…they said there were only baby clothes…I went there about 1 hour later and there were NONE! so…just double check before spending time and gas!

  2. Pat McBride says:

    Thank you for the heads up about Dollar General having shoes and winter clothes for $1.00 per item! I spent just over $47 today for items that would have originally cost over $500.00! THAT is the way to shop for shoebox items!!!

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