ornament necklace

Here’s a simple project that anyone could do!  It would be a great craft for kiddos or adults.

Lainey bought up non-breakable flat Christmas ornaments when they were on clearance.  She added long cord and made cute little necklaces for her Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  What a thrifty and fun craft!  I often see little Christmas ornaments like this super inexpensive after Christmas.  Now, I know what do do with them!

Thanks, Lainey, for the idea and photo.


Amazon suggested these nail clippers since I’ve been looking at the combs I posted earlier.

The reviews are really great and the price is wonderful too.  Just $0.30 per clipper.  Can’t beat that.

On Facebook, a couple people suggested including these in fishing kits.  I had not thought of that, but it is a good idea!

Head here to check them out.


Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.08.17 PM

This is a great coupon to take along with you next time you go shopping at Target.  Purchase 5 up & up school supply items and save $1.50.  I think it would be great to use on pencil sharpeners and possibly pencils or pens!


Here’s another round up of some great deals the readers of Clip with Purpose found this past week!  Some really great stuff.  Sometimes I get comments from people who think if we are packing shoeboxes on a budget, then we are packing shoeboxes filled with junk.  I’m pretty sure these pictures will prove the critics wrong.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy good quality items!  And by shopping smart and saving money, you can pack even more Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes!

99 Cent Store


Tina found giant lollipops and candy canes at the 99 cent store for just 9 cents each!  Awesome!

Dollar General


Lots of you scored big at the $0.25 Christmas Clearance at Dollar General!  The picture above is from Kathleen’s shopping trip.


And, this picture is Kristi’s score from Dollar General.



Lisa found these Smurf stuffies for just $0.75 as part of the Christmas clearance at Kmart.

And, Susan got 3 packs of head bands for $0.40 and 3 packs of bracelets for $0.50.



Emily found these cute toddler dresses marked down to $2 at her Marshalls!


Laurie found a Christmas Barbie marked down to $3.99 (regularly $39.99)



Theresa found a bunch of items in the Shopko 90% off Christmas clearance.  All these fun items, including hair brushes and harmonicas, were about $6.



Kyla got these super cute pencil pouches for just $0.20 at Staples.  They were already on clearance and she saved an extra 20% with the “fill a bag” coupon.


Susan’s Staples is closing this month, and she got a basket full of items 10 for $1.



Amy found these disc throwers marked down in the party aisle for $0.30 at one Target and $0.60 at another.


Lisa found these Little People in the 70% off toy clearance, plus combined that with a Cartwheel coupon to save an additional 10%.  She paid around $5 for this set.


Jennifer’s 70% off toy clearance find was this really fun Micro Chargers set for $5.98.  And look, take it out of the box, and it fits perfectly into a plastic shoebox!


Irina bought 20 pairs of shoes for $88 at Target during their shoe clearance!


Cathy found a 4 pack of heavy duty plastic cups (sparkly too) marked down to $0.58.

Toys R US


Young Park found lots of party favors marked down to $0.20 at Toys R Us, including these disc throwers.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 9.56.23 PM

Theresa found these Tickety Toc dolls are marked down to $0.98 online and in store!

United Grocery Outlet

lunchboxes Kristy found these cool lunchboxes for $2.



Kathleen grabbed 284 regular sized candy canes and 96 little candy canes for just $4.41

Laurie found some toys 75%+ off at Walgreens, including a Sofia doll for $3.50 (regularly $20).


Rilla scored 65 rulers for $0.10 each.  So this must be a thing.  A couple of you mentioned finding those last week, too!  Keep your eye open next time you’re there!


Tamara found these Christmas puzzles for just $0.06/piece!


If you’re headed to Target, you might want to check out these deals while you’re there.


They have Aquafresh on price cut until 2/14.  It’s just $0.75 a tube, which a great price (especially if you’re not a big coupon-shopper).

Also, use this Cartwheel coupon on your phone or print it out.  It’s for an additional 20% off clearance apparel and accessories and is good thru 1/31!


staples paper

More paper for just a penny after easy rebate at Staples again this week (thru 1/31).  Just bring in this coupon.  Also, print out the coupon for a free reusable tote.  You will save 20% on anything you can fit in the tote.  Exclusions apply.



Wow!  Amazon has their Prime membership discounted to $72 this Saturday ONLY!  This is a big discount from the regular price of $99!

I was skeptical about this service at first, but finally took the plunge and bought it about 2 years ago.  It has more than paid for itself with free 2 day shipping on Prime items, free streaming of movies, TV shows, and music as well.  So, if you’re on the fence, I would say go for it!

You can buy almost anything on Amazon (which is so convenient) and get it in just 2 days.  We have come to rely on the service more and more each year.  L-O-V-E it!

You can find out more and/or buy the membership here.


staples paper

Through Saturday, you can grab a $0.01 ream of paper after easy rebate at Staples.  Just print and bring this coupon along with you!

Thanks, Colleen!



Jennifer found a bunch of flip flops at her Target marked down to $0.75 as part of their 70% off shoe clearance that is currently going on.  I can’t guarantee your Target will have any flip flops, but if you find some there is also a cartwheel coupon for 40% off shoes that you could use to get a better deal!  The Cartwheel coupon is good for today only!


tic tac toe


Kathleen found 700 poker chips on clearance last Fall and wasn’t sure what to do with them.  Her daughter suggested making tic tac toe games, and a great idea was born.  


She simply cut felt into 6×6 squares and then drew the grids on them with a sharpie.  Each board gets 10 poker chips to go with it (5 each of different colors)  How cute!  And easy!  It would be a great project for kids to do as well.  Kathleen was able to make 70 tic tac toe kits!

tic tac toe kits

So….if you ever find poker chips or buttons or plastic coins on clearance…now you know what to do with them.

Thanks for the great idea, Kathleen!  If you are like to sew and are looking for more tic tac toe ideas, check out this other DIY tic tac toe board.

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