black friday

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to all of you wonderful people.  I’m truly thankful for each one of you who faithfully pack shoeboxes each year to bless children around the world!


There’s a ton of Black Friday deals that will be perfect for Operation Christmas Child stockpiling!

It’s been a busy day here and I’m tired, so I’m going to take the easy way out and send you over to our Facebook page to check out all the deals we’ve posted.  You don’t have to be a member of Facebook to view our page.

Happy shopping!  And, let us know what deals we missed.


amazon fire_

Such a great deal – Amazon Fire, 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB – JUST $34.99!

Still on Sale – Black Friday :)

You CAN’T include this in a shoebox, lol, but this is great for sitting on the couch reading emails, facebook and looking for deals 😉
I even picked one up for myself!


As a Network Coordinator for Operation Christmas Child, I get the privilege of not only working at my own Collection Center, but also visiting all my Relay Centers during National Collection Week!

At Queens Bible Church, Relay Coordinator Rowena, showed me these beautiful outfits that an elderly member makes for every one of their own church shoeboxes.   She loves to sew and feels she now has regained a purpose for her life again – and is having so much fun as well!

When we get to share the project with friends, family and neighbors wonderful things can happen.  Perhaps not only is our burden is lifted, but the joy  others receive by helping is increased!

Be open to the possibilities that God might be showing YOU.



COLLECTION WEEK HAS BEGUN for Operation Christmas Child for the 2015 season!!  November 16-23, 2015.

There are 4000 drop off locations all around the country – to find one near you CLICK HERE

It will be a Fun, Exciting, and Busy week ahead!  I (Mary) will be working at my Collection Center in NY and checking on my other 10 locations as well.

I’ve been to 3 of my friends’ packing parties so far and will be holding my own at the Collection Center on Tuesday.   Are you holding a packing party?  Or been to one this year?

I am looking forward to seeing all that God has done!


i packed a shoebox

Participate in the fun Operation Christmas Child media campaign!

POST PICTURES ON YOUR OWN PERSONAL Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages of your shoeboxes and use the hashtag ‪#‎ipackedashoebox‬ to be part of the bigger picture!

We’d love to see your pictures here but the # hashtag will only work on your own facebook, twitter or instagram pages.

If you don’t have those accounts but would like to see all the other pictures people have posted – check out the “Look Who’s Packing a Shoebox!” Operation Christmas Child page for this media campaign – CLICK HERE


b1g2 dollar general hot wheels

November 12-14 at Dollar General: Matchbox and Hot Wheels are Buy 1 Get 2 Free, which makes them as low as $0.33 each! That’s a terrific price!

A few have commented on Facebook that cars sell for $1.25 at their store, but even at $0.42/piece, it’s a great deal!

(Thanks Jeanette and Let’s Do Some Good Today!)


ipackashoebox #ipackedashoebox

I was asked to join in on a fun new media campaign that goes along with all of our Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing!

It’s called – I Packed A Shoebox

All you do is take a picture of yourself, your church, your family with your shoeboxes – or even packing shoeboxes.

Then upload your picture onto Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with the hashtag – #ipackedashoebox

I wanted to pack one special box for the photo.  Just like you, I’ve been shopping and crafting all year in preparation for National Collection Week (November 16-23, 2015).  Last week my friend Christine and I held a workday to pack hundreds of pencil cases, and next week is our main packing party.  Having organized these packing parties for many years, I found that I often didn’t get the chance to personally and slowly pack boxes myself anymore.  The focus was always on the bigger task.  As a Project Leader or Packing Party Organizer, has that happened to you?

This was such a great opportunity to carefully pick through items prayerfully!  I first thought I had all of my supplies sorted and sealed in cartons!  Yet I found a number of special items still in their bags in my trunk, under my craft table and in closets – isn’t that always the way?  (Usually I find these after Collection Week ends!)  I was able to make this little Girl 5-9 shoebox and attached one of the great FOLLOW YOUR BOX labels.  I am looking forward to seeing just what country this (and my other boxes) are going!  Click HERE to “Follow Your Box”.

Join in the fun and see who else is packing a shoebox!

It’s live now and there are hundreds of photos!  You can check them out on social media or on the Operation Christmas Child website – CLICK HERE

You can even download the photo frame and hold it up when you take your own pictures!



TODAY November 12 – there will be special stories by shoebox recipients! So you definitely want to check Facebook at ‪#‎ShoeboxRecipientTakeover‬ ‪#‎ipackedashoebox‬ for all the stories!  Retweet, and Share!!! 

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003-0979US-D-046 Here’s a story I did 2 years ago – Reggie is 90 now and still packing strong!  Every year he and his daughter Cathy pack over 1000 shoeboxes – and they have once again exceeded their goal.

On this Veteran’s Day we honor all of our wonderful servicemen and women who sacrifice so much for our country and our welfare.  God bless them and keep them.

I’ve been privileged to get to know a special veteran and his daughter.  They love Operation Christmas Child and love to pack shoeboxes!

For the rest of the story CLICK HERE


Are you a Drop Off Location?


You NEED lots of sharpies to mark your cartons! And that can be expensive – someone is always losing them, right?

At STAPLES – you can get Sharpie® Fine Point Permanent Markers, Black, 12/pk (1812419) for only $6 –
that’s 50 cents a marker.  (as of November 10, 2015)

This is a  great deal for this time of year!

CLICK HERE – If they are out of stock, I believe there is free ship to store available.


Packing Cartons

If you run or volunteer at a Drop Off Location —

Wally from Ohio (Thank you Wally!) has given us a great visual resource to help us pack those cartons!

For GO Boxes, 15 on end on the first row, with 8 on the second row.  It is a tight fit but you can get 23 into a carton.  (I actually stop at 21 to 22 if any of the shoeboxes are too full and bulge a little.  They won’t pack as nicely.)

As you can see – with “standard sized” boxes, the “Tetris” challenge of packing has begun.  With all the same standard shapes, you can still achieve 16 boxes into a carton.

If you get a large assortment of shoebox sizes, you can still pack 15 GO boxes on the bottom and save the second layer for assorted larger shoeboxes.

By carefully packing our cartons, we might be able save on trucking and shipping costs to the PC.

(Lots of poorly packed or empty cartons might mean having to order another truck.)

Here is a great video to watch and share with all of your volunteers:

Set your Twitter account name in your settings to use the TwitterBar Section.