I LOVE hearing stories about Young People Making a Difference – don’t you?

gold_medal_large1 A young girl named Grace, just 15, was named one of Wyoming’s top youth volunteers of 2016 for packing Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes and by inspiring others to do the same! by The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, a nationwide program honoring young people for outstanding acts of volunteerism.

Grace, just a sophomore in high school, has packed shoeboxes for over 10 years.

“I am passionate about helping children,” she said.  “I took for granted that others knew about OCC shoeboxes, but when I talked to people I was surprised to learn many had never heard about them before.”

Grace decided she needed to make others aware of how they could help.  To educate fellow students about the project, she organized a school assembly featuring a skit she wrote.  Then she distributed a list of suggested gift items and invited all attendees to a “packing party.”

Grace also sought help from county 4-H clubs through a presentation and a newsletter, and started getting assistance and donations from community members after a newspaper published a story on her project.

In addition, Grace held a packing party for delegates at a state FCCLA conference last fall, which filled 368 shoeboxes.

The boxes, containing toys, school supplies, hygiene items and crafts, not only show desperate children that someone cares about them, but also help people understand what life is like in places where many kids have never received a gift, said Grace.

The final total of all the boxes from her school, her 4-H Club and state FCCLA members came to over 600 shoeboxes!

She GOT INVOLVED!  AND she TOLD OTHERS!  What a great inspiration to all of us, don’t you think?

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Seems that the Old Navy markdown Clearance continues!

Old Navy
Aimee and Lisa found that the prices have dropped lower than last week’s discounts!

“kids half-zip fleece jackets originally priced at $16.94 for $1.03!”

“Many items .48!”

It’s worth checking out!

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I found these VISORS FOR 25¢ !!

There is a BIG SALE going on at BuckWholesale right now:  Tons of hats available are under 99¢

****PLUS 15% Off with code: SV8899667

My favorite is this adorable terry cloth embroidered pink visor is JUST 25¢ !

The shipping price varies  Their warehouse is in Georgia so shipping to each area might be a little different, but definitely worth checking out if you buy in bulk.

Here is my breakdown:

100 Pink Terry Visors = $25.00 – $4 (15%off) + $17.64
(shipping to NY- yours will vary) = $38.64
Each hat will still come to less than 38¢ each!

There are dozen pks of wool caps for $6 (50cents)

dozen sets of gloves for $6 (50 cents each)

and a cool tote bag for 50¢.

and lots of cool hats for sale at 99¢

CLICK HERE FOR BUCKWHOLESALE and check out the rest of the deals for yourself :)

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Save those BUTTONS!

Save Your Buttons
Nonie had a great idea for your sewing kits for your Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

“When you are ready to throw away, or use as a rag
an old torn or dirty shirt — take the buttons off first!
It is surprising how many you will get off of a shirt.”

–Some of my old clothes are so stained or torn, I can’t donate to my local thrift store – I will definitely take off the buttons now! Then I can just throw the rest in those bins that just recycle for cloth rags.

For more SEWING KIT ideas – CLICK HERE

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Time for another $10 Shoebox Challenge!
We haven’t done one of these for awhile—

I received such a lovely message from an inspiring teen who at her young age is living a life of service – and having fun while doing it!   It started:  “I am 15 years old.   I live in Orlando and I love helping kids.”   Isn’t that exciting and encouraging?  She said she heard about our $10 Shoebox Challenge and wanted to share her shoebox with us.

$10 Shoebox Challenge

The Challenge is:

Can you pack an Operation Christmas Child shoebox full of wonderful gift items for only  $10INCLUDING the $7 shipping cost?
(That leaves just $3 to spend on items inside the box!)

Meet Kailyn:

Hello, my name is Kailyn. 

I am 15 years old.   I live in Orlando and I love helping kids. 

I have a lot of projects including making Easter baskets and Christmas stockings for kids in downtown neighborhoods.  I’ve done that for 3 years now but I’m always looking for new projects.

I always make atleast 10 shoeboxes each year but this last year I got really into it and made 26.   I found out you can pack them year round and now I have gone overboard.   I love looking in clearance and I have a supporter that gives me lots of money to make the boxes. I   always look on your page for ideas and I noticed you used to do a $10 shoebox challenge.   I thought that was a great idea so I decided to try it.   I have so much stuff that I got free from events and couponing. 

I wanted to share with you the one I did for a boy, 10-14.

FREE from events- (Parades, Conferences, Hotel Stays, Restaurants and even Banks offer lots of free items!)
Green notebook
Soccer notepad
Lip balm
Hand wipes
Flashlight necklaces
Pencil crayons
Cow keychain
Canada keychain  (I’m from Canada originally)
Hot wheels
Playing cards
Puzzle pen
Iron man pen w/light

Other Free items:
Stuffed Animal- gift basket
Flossers- sample
Toothpaste- coupons
Candy- bank
Bowl- gift basket
Coloring Book- free online

What I paid for and Prices – All on sale!
Toothbrush and case- .33 – Dollar Tree
Washcloth- .22 – Dollar General
Comb- .08 – Dollar tree (part of a pack)
Socks-0.30 – Aldi clearance
2 crayon 4 packs- .12 – U.S. Toy clearance
Stamper- 0.03 – U.S. Toy clearance
Bouncy Ball- .25 – Old Navy
Pencil case- 0.20 – U.S. Toy clearance
Pencils- .25 – U.S. Toy clearance
Spinning Top- 0.04 – U.S. Toy clearance
blue pen- 0.05 – Target clearance (part of a pack)
Eraser- 0.08 – Dollar store (part of a pack)
Pencil Sharpener- 0.03 – U.S. Toys clearance
Lined paper-0.15 – dollar tree (part of a pack of paper)

(U.S. Toy is an online toy company – great clearance deals during the month of January)

She then ended her message with:

I am delivering food hampers tomorrow, so I have to go finish putting them together.  I also love sewing for my boxes too.

WOW – Didn’t I say she was inspiring?

Most people say that they just don’t know how to shop and pack for boys – especially the 10-14 age range. 

Typically the Boy 2-4 and 10-14 age groups get the least amount of boxes donated. 

I hope this post will give you lots of ideas!

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Today only, get a FREE 8×10 photo at Walgreens with code FREE8x10FEB. Pick up at store to avoid shipping costs.

Create a collage of pictures (try useing picmonkey.com) and then print them as an 8×10 and cut apart for your Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. Or, print out an awesome picture from the web (try unsplash.com) and make a cool homemade puzzle. The possibilities are endless.


target sock sale

I found several girls sock sets for 50% off at target today.   Great deals!

I saw boys socks on clearance too, but they were only 30% off at my target.


Our friends at Crafting for Shoeboxes have written a wonderful tutorial on how to make Elastic Bracelets!

Elastic Bracelets Tutorial

I inhereted alot of beads from my mom and am eager to try this out.  My mom made beautiful things, but they would often come undone :(

Crafting for Shoeboxes gives clear directions on making a secure knot technique.  I LOVE it!!

It’s “Accessories” collection and craft Month on the Operation Christmas Child year round suggestion calender.

To check out the entire calendar and print one out for YOUR church or group – GO HERE.

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Pack a Shoebox and Be a Part of the Largest Mission in History!

Here’s a graphic you can share with your friends and your church to encourage people to pack more SHOEBOXES!!!

You can “Pin” it to your Pinterest Board, you can “share” it on Facebook, you can “tweet” it on Twitter – to get the word out :)

Pack a Shoebox


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Do you like to upcycle items for your shoeboxes?


Thanks to The Greenbacks Gal for featuring us in her fun list of 20 Fun Projects to Upcycle Medicine Bottles.

(Our idea is the sewing kit!!)

I really like the rainbow crayon idea as well and plan to put that on my list of things to try!

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